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Application and technical support for Dako products

As a leader within antibody-based cancer diagnostics, our support to our customers for staining performance and optimizing reagent protocols is second to none. We have a highly committed support organization to provide you with professional, yet personal service.

With an extensive geographic presence, our local staff is always within easy reach. No matter where you are in the world, your dedicated Application Specialist or Technical Support Representative is just a phone call or an e-mail away.

Application and Technical Support includes:

  • Protocol Optimization
  • Protocol Design
  • Product Demonstrations

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Protocol Optimization

Our Application Specialists and Technical Support Representatives are experts in troubleshooting and optimization, working closely together with you to ensure that our reagents operate at peak performance in your laboratory. When you contact us, we know the importance of providing you with quick advice and competent troubleshooting relating to the use of our systems and reagents. We are organized worldwide with highly experienced staff that is able to assist you in choosing the right products and suggesting how to optimize the performance of your protocols.

Protocol Design

Make use of our unrivaled competence when it comes to choosing the correct reagents and combining them in the best possible way. We can perform assays in our laboratories in Carpinteria, CA, USA and in Glostrup, Denmark, or you can just send us your slides directly and we will optimize your protocols to your satisfaction.

Product Demonstrations

We can provide you with all the documentation that is needed in order to get a good understanding for the advantages you will get by choosing Agilent as your supplier. Nothing compares to hands-on experience where you and your colleagues can actually use the instrument and the reagents in your own laboratory prior to buying. We therefore offer product demonstrations directly at the customer’s site for varying time periods.

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